Thursday, 1 October 2020

"Salford Sessions" Album now available on all major streaming platforms - links here

We are pleased to share links to our album 'Salford Sessions' now available on all major streaming platforms. First recorded and produced by Richard Hannaford as a live session in December 2012 in the famous hallowed studios, 'Salford Sessions' has previosuly only ever been sold as a CD at our live shows. This is the first time we have uploaded it to streaming channels. Some of the versions that are released here are slightly diferent to the CD, being fuller and longer than the slightly clipped versions on the original CD. In addition we also added 3 extra tracks from the session: these are an alternative and more raw sounding version of 'And then There Were Non'; a cover of the Bill Withers classic 'Ain't no Sunshine' (always a great live show closer), and; a new original 'No more Problems' stealing influence from John Lee Hooker, with a nod to 'Force 10 Mojo'. Please have a look and share with your friends: Apple Music here Google play here iTunes here Spotify here
Phil and the BCs