Thursday 10 May 2018

Sheafstock Video - "Black Cat with Brass" live

Here is a short video medley of our late night live brass set headlining at Sheafstock 2018, on 30th March 2018. First is "Short Changed" a blues in Am written PM Haygarth of Black Cat (1996), second our arrangement of Mack Rice's "Mustang Sally" (1966), and finally the Otis Reading's classic, "Hard to Handle" (1966). It was our pleasure to work with brass musicians Fiona Duxbury (trombone), Isaac Weber (trumpet) and Susie Duxbury (trumpet), and special credit to Matt Haygarth guesting on keyboards who also scored and arranged the brass parts. The BC regulars are also featured with Dave Ainsworth is on drums and Andy Stafford on bass guitar, with myself on voice and guitar. Unfortunately Alex Gordon was unable to play with us on this occasion being on holiday! Great fun - I am sure we will do this again some sunny day!